Investing in Africa Events

Africa Events Limited has enormous experience of running a wide range of Investing in Africa Events.

Our increasingly digital world provides enormous opportunities for Africa based business. Services will migrate to low cost destinations, and an increasingly connected Africa will be able to support business functions globally from a local base. This will lead to rapid economic growth on the continent in the coming decades.

However as powerful as the digital world is, nothing beats the personal touch when it comes to negotiating and concluding a new business deal or investment decision. The Africa Events Limited team has enormous experience in running a wide range of leading Investing in Africa events including:

  • AFSIC - Investing in Africa event, believed to be the largest annual Africa investment event taking place outside of Africa. Our London based Investing in Africa event is the place to go to meet Africa's most important investors, African business leaders and dealmakers.
  • A wide range of Investing in Africa-focused events across the entire continent of Africa. These events are centred on bringing international investors to select countries across Africa and introducing them to some of the most attractive investment opportunities in the country. More details on upcoming Africa investment trips can be found here.

Want to Speak at AFSIC - Investing in Africa?

Our coveted speaking slots are reserved predominantly for Africa's most important investors and senior executives from African companies seeking investment. However a few slots are reserved for Africa's most important dealmakers and service providers. More details on the speaker submission process can be found on our Speaker Page.

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